Project Audits

Evaluating projects' ability to live up to their promises and meet the expectations of their communities.

Prove credibility and build community confidence.

Gain exposure while validating the project's standards and strategy are aligned with market expectations.

In partnership with DOXD, founders can privately or publicly dox. As part of that process, a project audit is completed (must score at least 3 stars to receive DOXD accreditation)


Examining how team communicates and cultivates trust and honesty with its community.


Analyzing its achievability  in relation to team experience, transparency, and originality.


Exploring the originality, quality, scalability, and rarity system of the overall collection.


Validating proper security protocols, standardization, and available content and resources.

Social Engagement

Evaluating Discord security in addition to trends across social media accounts and team activity.

Price Ratio

Inspecting the expected market demand based on the provided value in relation to mint price.

Not Your Bro

Sample Report

Projects are evaluated across 6 core categories, with each category being weighted differently dependent on its overall importance to a project's success.

After completing due diligence and interviews, the report is published in our application and social media, providing founders, who are building right, an avenue for more exposure.