Give your community the most up-to-date NFT and safety content to help them avoid scams and have more fun.

Set your community up for success.

Providing best-in-class beginner and advanced NFT education content through live customized instruction.

Improve your community's ability to recognize and avoid scams, while gaining insight into tools and resources to become more profitable traders.

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Live Instruction

Tailored training sessions with real-time feedback and Q/A. Sessions typically last 60 minutes.

Integrated RPF Content

Access RPF's Newsletter and project research data within a dedicated server channel.

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Access our industry-leading research team for due diligence on upcoming partnerships

Sample Session

Whether buying their first NFT or understanding how to maximize the value of their 100th flip, we provide content suitable for all education levels.

Through fun, engaging content, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in NFTs.