Discord Security

Protecting communities from the threat of hacks, phishing, and victimization.

Prevent the preventable.

Gain exposure while validating the project's standards and strategy are aligned with market expectations.

In partnership with DOXD, founders can privately or publicly dox. As part of that process, a founder audit is completed (must score at least 3 stars to receive DOXD accredidation)

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Discord Set-up

Evaluating projects live up to their promises and meet the expectations of their communities.

Bot Configuration

Ensure your smart contract meets industry security standards and give confidence to your community.


Industry-leading financial crime unit dedicated to eradicating illicit practices within web3.

User Permissioning

Protect your most valuable asset, your community, with industry-leading cyber security practices.

Integrated Safety Content

The most-trusted resource for onboarding and advanced NFT content available via live training.


Providing independent artists and non-profits an avenue to unlock the potential of NFT technology.