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Committed to providing everyone an outlet to safely navigate the web3 space through real-time actionable intelligence, insights, and resources.


Rug Pull Finder (RPF) is the leading provider of data-driven open-source intelligence on NFT projects. Founded on the principle of avoiding “rugpulls”,  RPF initially set out to protect members of the NFT community by providing up-to-date information on projects, NFT safety, and education.

Today, RPF is focused on expanding its mission through its four core business units: RPF Investigate, RPF Direct, RPF Community Foundation, and RPF Incubate, we are on our way to becoming a tour-de-force in the web3 world. 

With expert knowledge in regulatory affairs, financial crime risk management, and web3 technologies, RPF strives to bring change to the NFT space through smart self-regulatory frameworks that will allow mass adoption to be achieved, while influencing public policy decisions to align with the ethos of web3.

Focused on providing avenues for fully-doxxed artists, teams, and organizations to realize their vision and launch legitimate NFT projects. Led by a group of experts in art, business, and technology, RFP Incubate provides resources across w the full suite of solutions necessary to launch a project with the utmost integrity and highest chance of success. RFP Incubate operates completely independent of our investigations team.


RPF was founded on the basic principle of avoiding scams, The RPF Community Foundation is a charitable organization whose core mission is to give back to victims of scams and rugpulls through a variety of mechanisms.

Through this foundation, we also conduct project "unrugging",  conduct crypto asset recovery,  and provide a myriad of charitable initiatives.


Countless influencers are unknowingly perpetuating fraud by partnering with rugpull projects. RPF Direct is dedicated to assisting influencers in protecting and preserving their personal brand and reputation by vetting project partnerships.

RPF Direct is partnered exclusively with The Blue Cheques to help athletes, celebrities, and other influencers feel confident in their decisions to support and become early adopters of projects.



The core public-facing division of RPF. Dedicated investigation unit for conducting legitimacy audits, reporting on rugpulls in real time, and educating the general public on safety and security in web3. Our team is expertly trained with access to best-in-class tools and technology for blockchain analytics, KYC, and much more.


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7,8,9,10 TOP SECRET, much more to come!

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